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Question #1: How does finpecia mechanism?

Answer #1: Propecia is a pharmaceutical medicine that process by preventing the conversion of the testosterone hormone into its other form, dihydro testosterone in the scalp tissue by blocking 5 alpha reductase, which is an enzyme that is important for this conversion. By converting this, Propecia prevents the side effects of DHT, the most important of which is the deterioration of hair follicles and their premature death.

Question #2: Propecia is safe or not?

Answer #2: Yes it is. It is viewed to be a safe medicine that does not give any significant or life threatening side effects and it can be used by the most of men, compare of their age and their medical condition. We would like to sort out, though, that finpecia is a prescription medication and that you will want to take a suggestion before you start using this drug.

Question #3: Is there any side affects you face?

Answer #3: Most of you will not face any side effects. Namely, Finpecia has been found to cause side effects only in a very less time of men who take thismedicine. However, some side effects are still possible and they include the following: dizziness, skin rash, runny nose, headache, changes to your sex drive and performance.

Question #4: Propecia is better treatment for hairloss?

Answer #4: Definitely yes. On the other hand, the natural hair loss products depend on some very flimsy proof to prove their efficacy and the result of this is that in the wide majority of cases they are not efficient at all. In fact, with almost all of these, if not all of them, you are simply wasting your time and money when you could be buying finpecia and putting an end to your hair loss.

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